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Subject: Family JO SofaAll rights reserved by Author. Do not sell or post without permission of
Author. You must be of legal age to read this story. See my other stories
on Nifty.org and support Nifty.org with a few dollars to keep it up and
Author is at Agora a gay bar in Montreal Fridays 5 PM. On Rue Mackay down
from Boul. Rene Levesque.
Kevin Kelly. This is not a true story and do use safe sex always. It came time for Dad to remodel the living room. He preteen lonely lolita xxx had
expanded the room by a 12 foot addition and installed a wet bar and 60
inch TV so now the old family sofa had to go. The first night We got to
use the new wet bar Eric my older Brother Dad and myself were sitting at
the new bar looking at the old tired sofa sitting there still next to the
New sofa still wrapped in its plastic. I didn't want the sofa to leave
Us. See I had little lolita russian models so many memories of Eric, Dad and myself on that very sofa.
It was on its warn cushions that We came to explore Our mutual interest
in Men and each other. One by one We came to love each other in a sexual
way. All beginning right on that old sofa.
I was having a beer with Them and recounting the Sofa's story and
why We just had to keep it. I began with " I remember that Eric was just
19 and it was September and he had just finished His first week at the
local community Collage. Eric was a tall drop dead good looking young man
His light curly blonde hair and His muscular gymnast build made Him a
real head turner. I was built much like him and loved when people would
tell me how much I did look like my older Brother. He was a year older
then myself but my hero. Unfortunately Eric and I each had our own bed
rooms then and so I seldom got the opportunity to see him fully naked. I
would hang out in the hall while He was in the showers often just hoping
the towel around his waist might slip off and afford me a quick peek as
he walked to his room? A few times this actually happened and I would
stoop down and quickly pick up the towel and get a long good look at his
wonderful bare cock. cut and even soft thick and long. His bare cock
hanging down below his big balls. he would smile and take the towel then
with a puzzled on His face walk down the hall.
The old sofa stood in the living room across from a wall which had a
full mirror on it. That wall now knocked out and extended for the wet
bar. I had walked into the living room silently and stood at the door. In
the mirror I saw my Big Brothers pants pulled down around his ankles
shirt off and He as beating and stroking his hard long bare cock. His
eyes were closed as he pleasured his manhood. I was frozen there at this
beautiful sight. I was taking in the sight of his hairy big balls. His
hairy muscular manly legs. His thick bush of blonde pubic hairs. My own
cock was hard now and I opened my fly and had my own dick out now Mine
was 8 inches and thick and nearly a copy of Eric's I had now reservations
about Him catching me with my dick out now? I had no fear of what he
would think. I only knew I had to do this.
Transfixed on His cock and stroking mine I saw now He stopped his
stroking. It was then I looked up and saw His eyes were open and he was
looking at me jerking off in the mirror? I started to quickly put my cock
in my jeans and I heard him say. " Kevin You might as well come on over
and join in buddy?
I remember so many thoughts going through my head in just those few
steps. All the possibilities of this situation and all the things that
could go wrong in this situation. I came up between his spread legs. he
was now stroking that monster meat of His again and said smiling at me. "
Kevin pull off my jeans so I can give You an free naked lolita models
even better view of this? My
cock was still out exposed to him I knelt down and was lolita incest pedo sex pulling off his
sneakers so I could pull his jeans over his feet. One then the other I
left the socks on. I held his socked foot in my lolita dream movies tgp
hand and the feeling of
His sweat and sexy manly feet made my own cock pulse. I pulled off his
jeans and underwear then threw them all behind me. I reached up now and
took hold of his bare hairy balls. What the hell was I thinking? Eric
wasn't going to allow this stuff? No protest from Eric only a sigh.
A deep pleasure sigh and lolita thumnail gallery post I fondled his big hairy balls. Now embolden by
his acceptance I touched and held his bare thick 8 inch cock and more
sighs of pleasure. I looked up with hands on his cock and balls. Eric's
eyes were closed and this incredible handsome smile on His face. He was
mine now. He had a big mushroom cock Helmut like mine so flared and His
cum hole held a drop of his male nectar. His eyes still closed and Him
still sighing I leaned into his bare cock head. Taking in the wonderful
smell of his body and his pubic hairs. I licked that cum drop onto my
tongue tasting my Brothers cum. Again He sighed and now i opened my mouth
and took in his bare mushroom cock head. His hands came onto my head and
I was running my tongue all around his flared bare cock head. While He
was pulling me into him. His cock came into my mouth all 8 inches were
going down my throat. So thick and tasting like nothing in the world. My
hands exploring his hairy muscular legs His balls his ABS His strong bare
chest while my mouth was his pussy. While giving him this blow job I was
able to reach my hand down into his sweaty socks and feel his bare foot.
I was so hot so ready to blow my own load I began to now beat my own
meat while sucking eating His 8 inch manhood. I heard Eric saying "
Kevin don't make Yourself cum yet. I want to suck Yours when you get my
nut" Eric? Eric came out and said that? he wants to suck my dick? Eric
my handsome blonde stud Brother wants to suck my dick?
I dropped my cock and now with my mouth and my hands I was intent on
getting his load to cum in my mouth. Taste his cum shooting into me and
then feeding my own cock into his handsome mouth. Eric was working with
me both of Us sweating as We worked as a team on his 8 inch teen cock.
Then He tensed up and His cock grew under lolita top sites fatter in my mouth and He was
releasing his cum load into my mouth. I had taken loads from Friends but
was not prepared for the power and the amount of His load. He flooded my
mouth and it took all I could do to swallow all his sweat cum load. He
regained His breath and His cock still in my mouth while I was licking it
clean Eric said. " Wow Kevin that was so hot man. Dam Kevin You give
really good head buddy. This is going to be great from now on. Get up
here stud."
I came off His now softer cock and holding it said. " Oh Eric I
love sucking on this big dick You have. and I loved getting to take your
He messed my hair playfully and said. " Yea and so now there are two
queers in the Family? Get up here stud and let me get at that big meat of
Yours" I came off Him quickly kicked off my sneakers and pulled off all
my clothes. Naked holding my cock Ilaid on the sofa my head on the arm
rest one leg up over the back of the sofa the other on the floor. spread
for my handsome stud blonde Brother's mouth. Eric came between my legs
and now he was sucking my cock under lolita top sites
giving me a blow job bobbing up and down
on my meat. The man was even finger fucking into me. I'd been finger
fucked before but would never allow my friends to actually fuck me now I
knew Eric would be the first to give me a cock up my hole. I didn't last
long that first time and the combination of Eric's hot mouth and two
fingers fucking my hole insured that. I was soon blasting my teen cum
load. My own 8 inch cock releasing my load in my brother's hot mouth and
he was taking it all. With His sighs of pleasure at the amount and taste
of His kid Brother's first cum load.
He came up and kissed me full on the lips our first kiss was there on
that old sofa. We exchanged cum loads with each other and now lay naked
on the sofa. I remember we talked about Our sexuality that first day. We
were both gay and now out to each other. Eric had been fucked a few times
and I told him I wanted his cock to be my first. He promised to come in
that night and take my cherry. I'll tell You all about that later.
Exactly a week later. Eric was still out on a Friday night only Dad
and I at home. At this time Dad was a man of 42 who looked years younger.
He worked at the gym His own Dad had founded and of course was in perfect
shape as a trainer. Tall lolita incest pedo sex blonde and I knew hung. He'd come in late from
the gym and tired. I had a beer for him and he sat on the old sofa. I
suggested He strip down and I would give him a foot massage to relax him?
I had always love giving Dad a foot massage as his manly strong bare feet
really turned me on. I was sure He never knew the thrills this gave me?
He pulled off all his clothes except his white Jockeys and laid down
putting his feet on my lap for the usual massage while We watched TV. I
was so intent on His feet. Feeling them in my hands being able to touch
them like this and go up his thick hairy legs also. In the week that had
pasted I had gotten to enjoy licking on Eric's bare feet and sucking on
Eric's big toe like it was His cock. This would drive Eric crazy with
lust. I guess I forgot for a moment in the heat of the massage and I took
Dad's big toe in my mouth and was sucking on it.
Dad sat up and was pulling His foot away from preteen lonely lolita xxx Me he said ' Kevin what the
fuck are You doing? I was so shook up I panicked and said. " I like doing
that Dad. I do it to Eric and he likes me doing it. So I thought You
would too?
He looked at me with a smirk on His face and said " You do that to
Eric? You suck Eric's toe like that? I nodded now and Dad put his hand on
my head saying . " Kevin tell me the truth. What all else do You and Eric
do with each other? I held my head down and I said " We also suck each
other and Dad We fuck each other too." He kept rubbing my head lovingly
now and said " Well if your both doing each other and your both over 18
and Men now I suppose its OK? Do You two use some kind of lotion when
you fuck each other? I looked at him and now He had this smile on His
face and i looked preteen lonely lolita xxx down his cock was hard tenting out his white briefs. I
looked back up into his face and said. " Yea Dad we keep a thing of KY
under the sofa and one in my bed room."
Dad was stroking his cock through his briefs. He said. " Well what
You did got me so horny Son would you let me do that to You I mean would
you let me fuck You then? I hugged him and was pulling out the hidden KY
and handed it to Dad. he stood up and pulled down his breifs and His 9
inch cut thick cock came into my view. I was helping hism grease it all
up to fuck me. He ahd a flared mushroom head like Eric's and mine. this
was going 4to me so great. my dad was as he said too harny to play around
so i spread my legs on the old sofa and Dad came behind me and went right
for my hole. His big dick head touched my hole and then Dad was pushing
his cock into my hole all of His 9 inches came into me His strong bare
body pressing on top of mine while his bare cock moved into me slowly at
first then he was stroking in and out of me kissing my neck telling me
how much my hole was making his cock feel so good. now Dad was thrusting
his prick into me and pounding his bare skinned cock on my prostate like
Eric would do every night. I was pushing back up on dad's pounding cock
loving the feel of his bare feet against mine as his cock fucked me long
and hard the sweat on my back for Dad's fucking me and his words of love
as His cock fucked my ass. At one point Dad looked xxx lolita nude delete and saw eric in the
mirror watching Us. He never missed a thrust in me saying . " Eric get
your cock ready and Your next to fuck Kevin" I looked over and saw my
handsome blonde Brother stripping off him clothes getting ready to
replace dad's cock inside me. Dad now shot his first load of cum inside
my hole and then got up after we kissed Eric mounted me and Dad now
watches and his two Son's fucked each other. Eric was soon giving me a
load of his cum and then while Dad watched I fucked my hard 8 inch cock
into Eric's hot tight hole and Dad then mounted Eric and was fucking in
him with my cum load in there.
After we talked over beers and decided to enjoy a three way lover affair
and keep our secret. These are the reasons I wanted to keep the old sofa.
We now have the old sofa in our basement gym rec room and it gets its
share of Family cum spilled on it.Please write kevinmjoaol.com
You must state Your age.
No flames Please. Kevin
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